Atlantis Computing offers flexible and powerful software-defined storage platforms and in their plight against traditional data storage have unveiled HyperScale. An all-flash ‘turnkey appliance’ offering hyper-convergence, HyperScale is an appliance that not only provides you the necessary hardware to host 600 persistent desktops per appliance but also equips you with enough all-flash storage to make your desktops perform better than PCs with SSDs. Here are some reasons that we think Atlantis HyperScale is one of the best hyperconverged platforms on the market…


traditional Storage + ComputeTraditional Storage + Compute

When it comes to traditional storage and compute, buying patterns involve purchasing either SAN or NAS storage arrays and servers separately. This approach is both complex and costly as the IT organisation is responsible for integrating, managing and maintaining disparate systems to deliver IT services. Atlantis HyperScale integrates servers, storage and virtualisation into a single appliance that delivers unbeatable storage performance at a 50-90% lower cost!



Converged SystemsCoverged Systems

Converged systems are simply packaged storage, networking and compute components that add little value over traditional systems. While this approach simplifies integration of the components, it is complex to maintain, provides limited performance with disk-based storage and is costly. Atlantis HyperScale integrates servers, storage and virtualisation into a single appliance that delivers incredible storage performance for over half the price.



Hyper-Converged Systems

atlantis hyperscale

Hyper-Converged Systems

With hyper-converged appliances, local storage, servers and virtualisation are integrated into a single system, simplifying deployment and management. However hybrid hyper-converged appliances remain costly and deliver poor storage performance compared to all-flash storage systems. Atlantis HyperScale is the first economically viable all-flash hyper-converged system that integrates servers, storage and virtualization into a single appliance that delivers vastly increased storage performance at a significantly lower cost. Unlike other hyperconverged appliances, Atlantis HyperScale avoids vendor lock-in by supporting multiple hypervisors, eliminating dependence on proprietary hardware, and supports Supermicro’s leading server platforms.



Atlantis HyperScale for VDI

Atlantis HyperScale Storage Guarantee

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