Atlantis USX

Atlantis USX – Software Defined Storage Solution


Instantly Increase Storage Capacity and Performance

Atlantis USX enables enterprises to pool and abstract all storage (SAN, NAS, Flash, RAM, DAS, Hybrid Arrays, and Public Cloud) and instantly deliver virtual storage volumes to any application. By pooling storage, both storage capacity and performance are used more efficiently in the datacenter, lowering cost, increasing performance and making datacenters more agile.

Stop wasting your IT budget on storage hardware!

Data is growing at a rate of more than 40% per year, don’t let data storage steal your budget from more innovating projects. Atlantis USX you can get up to 10x more capacity out of your existing traditional storage, while getting a more efficient all-flash hyper-converged architecture.


atlantis USX 1


  • Storage Virtualization
  • Data Reduction
  • Data Protection
  • Performance Acceleration
  • Unified Management


  • Cost Reduction
  • Improved Performance
  • Data Mobility


Atlantis USX Brochure

Atlantis USX Hyper-Converged

Atlantis USX-VDI

Atlantis USX VMware-VSAN