Data Centre

Going Green

…more than just the right thing to do!

The financial benefits, environmental benefits, social benefits and brand benefits are irrefutable!

Our Able-One Systems Green Team offers solutions and services to help you:

  • Assess and Analyze your energy usage both in the data center and throughout your operation.
  • Change the way you use energy with expert insight and tools.
  • Optimize your I.T infrastructure and cooling to reduce cost and energy use though consolidation, virtualization and the use of more energy efficient servers, storage, UPS and cooling solutions.
  • Leverage available Grant money for energy assessments and energy reduction initiatives.
  • Recycle obsolete equipment with guaranteed information security.

Energy Assessments
Energy Management Tools
Innovative Data Center Cooling
Asset Destruction and Recycling

Let’s collaborate together on your Green initiatives. Please fill in your contact information and press the Request a Consultant button below to get started.