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SequenceL is the right tool for the multicore and many-core programming job, addressing all the root issues facing developers targeting multicore systems. This simple yet powerful functional programming language and auto-parallelizing tool set quickly and easily converts algorithms to robust, massively parallel C++ (and optionally OpenCL) code, averting the need to specify parallelisms or implementation structures in the code.

Best of all, even though SequenceL is disruptive technology, it does not disrupt your current design flow, methodologies, tools, training, etc. Rather, it adds a true power tool to the programmer’s toolkit. This makes SequenceL a very logical path to begin to modernize applications for modern multicore systems. It can also be used to create and/or modernize libraries or DLLs to best utilize multicore systems.


Proactive planning, not reactive alarms. Galileo Performance Explorer provides deeper insight into server/storage performance than any other tool. More analytical capabilities for proactive system management, more efficient utilization of existing resources and more accurate predicting and planning for future capacity needs.
Unlike reactive performance-monitoring tools designed to issue alarms in response to system overloads, Galileo identifies and prevents bottlenecks before they become critical.

Built on Software as a Service (SaaS) architecture, Galileo Performance Explorer’s™ Public Cloud Agents provide flexibility without the overhead of an onsite appliance or server. Worried about sending data offsite? We have you covered! The Galileo Performance Explorer Private Cloud solution allows companies with security concerns to maintain an onsite virtual application service so your data never leaves your site.


EnduraData EDpCloud is a robust cross-platform file replication solution that automates encrypted data transfer between geographic sites, systems and business processes. The solution integrates with existing workflows, reduces costs and increases operational efficiency.

The amount of data within businesses is increasing at an exponential rate and net profits depend on leveraging it. This “Big Data” expansion creates new challenges, which include:

  • Sharing data across national and international networks in a timely and secure fashion
  • Providing enterprise backup and business continuity capabilities
  • Facilitating consolidation and aggregation from disparate systems and different locations
  • Leveraging data for faster and effective decision making
  • Cost/risk of error, loss and breach during data transmission is high.

Companies can now share data faster and with confidence that it will be secured, transmitted, stored and organized for business continuity, storage and effective decision making.


Monitor “mission-critical” applications running on Linux ® without being a Linux ® expert. Network Server Suite includes a component that provides native Linux ® monitoring on IBM Power Systems™. You can proactively monitor, manage and control system and application availability, with the ability to rapidly respond to situations that could affect the smooth running of your business.

Achieve tighter control of key services running on “Linux ® on Power”. Monitor application, web, database and mail servers. In addition, you can monitor Java-based web applications without ever needing to be a Linux ® expert.

The Linux ® on Power Server Manager is supplied with pre-defined templates covering industry standard monitoring elements, emulating the actions of a highly experienced network administrator, meaning you can deploy the software quickly, easily and without fuss.

Highly customizable reports can be created in seconds when paired with the Halcyon Advanced Reporting Suite.


SugarCRM has been designed for the average sales and customer service representative who needs a simplified, uncluttered interface that lets them focus on selling to new customers and supporting existing customers. Sugar delivers relevant customer insight at every point of interaction for consistent, effective engagement. SugarCRM is built on collaboration tools for Superior Social Selling. SugarCRM employs an agile and open development process with code written in one of the world’s most popular development language PHP.


Enterprise customers are seeking the same trusted and proven data center security solutions for open-source database environments that they have successfully deployed in their traditional, relational databases.

With BDEncrypt (Big Data Encryption), Zettaset delivers a high-performance, commercial-grade, standards-based, encryption solution for big data that enables IT security organizations to utilize a common and consistent framework for encryption throughout the data center, regardless of the type of data store.

This approach provides interoperability assurance as well as investment protection, and enables IT organizations to deploy a solution with longevity and lower total cost-of-ownership.


PowerTech Compliance Monitor for Linux and AIX uses agentless technology from a central server to interrogate the critical security settings across multiple instances. The product executes scripts against the server and compares the results of settings to the desired settings. Deviations from the desired settings are highlighted in reports that pinpoint the noncompliant settings. The following items could be automatically checked:

  • Password settings
  • Communication configuration
  • Old or unused user accounts
  • Application settings
  • File and directory access

Regulations addressed:

  • SOX
  • PCI
  • MICS

The agentless install gives the administrator a product that can be deployed across the network in less time. The Compliance Report Templates are shipped in advance, so that customers deploying this product can use the defaults or modify them as their industry requires.