Linux on Power

Linux on Power – Ubuntu


Canonical and the Ubuntu community work together with IBM to ensure that Ubuntu Server and Ubuntu OpenStack work seamlessly with IBM Power Systems and IBM software applications.

Ubuntu for POWER8 brings the Ubuntu Server and Ubuntu Server for cloud with the OpenStack ecosystem to POWER8 enabling its ease of entry into the scale-out and Cloud markets.

Everything in the Ubuntu ecosystem that you have come to love is available on Power 8

  • Ubuntu - OriginalMAAS support for PowerKVM to allow you to build your own bare metal clusters. Support for BMC autodiscovery and configuration is currently in progress.
  • OpenStack Icehouse support.
  • Fully manage POWER8 instances from within your existing Landscapedeployment.
  • Dedicated resources for developers to build on POWER, including Launchpad PPA builder support for software projects that want to build on POWER.


“Web site owners constantly seek seamless scalability, high reliability, and a transparent infrastructure which optimizes their costs without requiring specific skills. By using HAProxy on IBM’s Power 8 systems running Linux, they can get an affordable load balancing  solution at all performance levels with the degree of reliability and ease of use that the most demanding enterprise users expect. ”

”” Willy Tarreau, author of HAProxy

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