Linux on Power

Why Linux on Power?

 Information is more widely available than ever. Collaboration, co-creation, and knowledge sharing are quickening the pace of invention. Linux on IBM Power Systems offers competitive advantage and unique benefits to organizations – open technology, performance, portability and scalability.

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“IBM brings four big things to the table that are good for Linux: competition, commitment, code, and cool technology.” – Jim Zemlin

OPEN Source is driving innovation

Businesses know it and they’re doing something about it.

 Benefits of Linux on IBM Power

Redefine Linux performance

Power Systems run industry-standard Linux from Red Hat, SUSE or Canonical. Linux exploits the advanced hardware and software capabilities of POWER8 technology, which provides economic advantages that scale as your business grows.

Port applications with ease

 Clients can confidently run highly scalable, highly reliable, and highly flexible Linux environments on POWER processor-based servers. The benefits of Power Systems are realized whether a client is deploying new applications or wants to improve the performance of existing applications. With POWER8, moving Linux applications to Power has never been easier.

Optimize emerging workloads

Watson was built on Linux on Power Systems for the big data and analytics advantages POWER provides. IBM is investing heavily in building solution catalogs for emerging areas where POWER offers unique advantages to clients.

Leverage open technology

Benefit from Power Systems open technology and an open ecosystem delivering community created innovation.

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