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Managing Platform and Database Security Across the Enterprise

With Brian Olson (Director of Security Solutions at Able-One) and Gavriel Meir-Levi  (Manager of Cross-Platform Security & Compliance at Enforcive Inc.)

Show Notes

0:57 – Recently, we did a podcast on IBM i Security, and the requirement and the benefit of securing this platform.  We also spoke about trends in security, and how the security landscape is getting more and more demanding. Have there been any recent developments or updates?

7:00 – So how can Able-One and Enforcive help customers monitor their overall infrastructure, not just their IBM i platform?

15:20 – So you can collect data and monitor activity on a number of different platforms using the Enforcive Cross Platform Audit which certainly seems like a good start.  Is there more that companies can do to protect themselves?

20:50 – It appears that even in organizations where IBM i is a major platform, a security strategy that covers both i and other platforms in the organization is critical.

The IBM i platform is no longer an island untouched by the influences of the rest of the IT infrastructure. More and more, integration with other systems, inside and outside the protected network, is a business requirement. A layered security approach is critical for the protection of your IBM i Data. We recently did a webinar on this topic which seemed to really hit home with a number of our customers. Cyber threats are increasing every day, both in quantity and sophistication, and the IBM i platform is not exempt.

Enforcive has a solution called Cross Platform Audit that can consolidate security related activity into a common database for reporting and forensic analysis.  Platforms covered include IBM i, IBM mainframe, AIX, Linux, Windows, as well as databases Oracle, DB2, SQL Server, Sybase and Progress. Reports can be created for audit purposes, and real time alerts set up for specific events that are critical to the organization. For organizations who use IBM i as a strategic platform, but also use Windows or some form of Unix, being able to see this consolidated view of security related system activity is critical. This is what Cross Platform Audit provides. CPA has the ability to filter, report on and alert on specific events, the organization also needs ensure that their system security settings remain in compliance with their security policies and regulatory compliance.

To remain comprehensive, IT and Security teams need to be able to monitor and control security elements across all platforms and databases. The Enforcive Cross Platform family of solutions provides this capability, with excellent coverage of the IBM i, in combination with an integrated view of the entire enterprise.  And all managed through an intuitive Windows based interface, which is critical to ease of monitoring and management.

One final solution that we did a recent blog about, and is important to many customers, is a cross platform password reset solution from Enforcive called Password Self Service.  The driver here is both security and cost reduction by helping to reduce the load on your Help Desk by having to deal with frequent requests for password resets across Active Directory as well as IBM i environments.


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