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Podcast with Brian Olson on IBM i Security

In this episode of Able-One’s podcast we will go over the state of IBM i security in  business today. We will have an informative discussion with Brian Olson, Director  of”„IBM Power”„Server and”„Security”„Solutions at Able-One Systems about some of the  industry trends in security, specific trends with respect to IBM i, and some of the  challenges customers can expect and how to face those challenges.

Highlights of discussion:

Industry trends in security and some real life examples of breaches
  •  IBM X-Force Security Intelligence and Threat Assessment (formerly ISS X-Force)  2015 Trends
  • PWC (Price Waterhouse Coopers) study on Balancing Digital Opportunity with  CyberRisk
  • High Profile Security Breaches of 2015
Specific trends in the IBM i (iSeries, AS400) space
  • Integration and exposure of IBM i platform inside AND outside of the corporate  network.
  • Demand by corporate security officers, and C level executives, to implement  tighter security policies
Real customer anecdotes of the security challenges customers have faced
  • Customer concern over the exposure of specific sensitive data to users who  should not have access
  • Encryption, privileged user profile access, etc.
How Able-One can help IBM i customers facing the discussed challenges
  • Assessment of customer IBM i environment in light of best practices as well as  regulatory compliance requirements, both simple and comprehensive
  • Enforcive Enterprise Security for IBM i with base product and optional modules
  • Approach to helping IBM i shops using other platforms like Windows or Linux

To learn more about Brian Olson and his work with Able-One, Brian suggests:

Communicate with Able-One Systems:

Phone: (800)461-2253 ext. 7316


“I am always happy to discuss the various options with  customers, given their specific requirements. Security is not a black box solution but an  ever-evolving process. The sooner we get started, the better.”

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