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Podcast with Eden Watt on Modernizing your Enterprise Applications

In this episode of Able-One’s podcast we will go over modernization with respect to  enterprise applications. We will have a discussion with Eden Watt, Vice President of  Application Innovation at Able-One Systems about what the benefits of modernization  are, why so many IBM i organizations are in need of modernization, and the technology  trends in general with regards to business applications.

Highlights of discussion:

The significance of modernization

Reasons to embrace modernization

  • Leveraging investment in enterprise systems while learning how to transform to  align with current business goals and technology innovations

Organizational benefits of IBM i modernization

  • Mobile, web, apps, web services, analytics, cloud (saas), security, agile, social  media

Business application trends

  • User experience, customer interaction/expectations versus trends in development  and technologies

Key strategies for modernization

  • User Experience (UX), Productivity and Workflow
  • Customer Experience (CX), Competitive advantage, customer service, loyalty
  • Content Management, streamline document centric process
  • Integration between Applications, Platforms, Trading Partners and SaaS solutions
  • Advanced Analytics

To learn more about Eden Watt and her work with Able-One, Eden suggests:

Communicate with Able-One Systems through the  website ( or through your representative.

Phone: 1-800-461-2253 ext. 7228


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