Enterprise Content Management

Enterprise Content Management


Many organizations today face challenges with managing large amounts of unstructured data (about 80% and growing at roughly 200% per year) in the form of paper and electronic documents.

Without a central repository for this information, it is very difficult to convert data into action-oriented information and results

Without an end-to-end data capture and content management solution or service, this can become costly.

Some of the many benefits that can be realized with a content management solution include:

  • Instant, reliable and easy-to-access information
  • Reduce data entry and FTEs
  • Increase revenue
  • Ensure financial visibility and compliance
  • Approve invoices, claims and applications speedily
  • Guarantee data input into line of business applications.
  • Cost savings realized by enabling companies to streamline the manner in which content is produced, stored, archived, distributed, reproduced, shared and destroyed