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Whether you call your enterprise platform Power Systems for i, IBM i, AS/400, eserver for i, iSeries, or just that box that runs OS/400, never goes down and has a green screen interface, you may be struggling like many other users of this platform, to demonstrate to your organization that you can implement the latest and greatest technologies while leveraging your tried and true, mission-critical applications.

We’re here to tell you that YOU CAN   – and WE CAN help.

The options are plentiful and we can be most effective if we spend some time to understand your current environment, objectives, mandates, constraints, etc. Contact us  to get started today!

Refacing, integrating, mobilizing, extending or developing new IBM iModernization solutions for IBM i applications.

With a proven track record of over fifteen years providing modernization solutions in the IBM i world, looksoftware extends traditional applications (developed with RPG, Synon, COBOL, etc.) so that developers can deploy graphical, mobile, modern interfaces without having to replace stable line of business applications.

looksoftware has provided modernization solutions for thousands of organizations on IBM I to deliver excellent user experience. Solution options range from modernization with refacing, integrating, mobilizing, extending and developing new IBM I applications, while leveraging existing code and skill sets.

Application Discovery for Maintenance, Management, or Migration

For more than 25 years, thousands of IBM i developers have used the X-Analysis suite of tools to better understand, maintain, enhance and evolve billions of lines of IBM i code.

X ­Analysis generates detailed application documentation including interactive diagrams that enable understanding of any IBM i application.

X-Analysis extracts the details of the existing models from RPG, COBOL and CA 2E (Synon) code, providing an excellent base for efficient design recovery, system documentation and analysis, including migration to RPG/Free or Java.


Top 5 Mistakes to Avoid in IBM i Modernization

Top 5 Mistakes to avoid in IBM i modernization - download
When taking on a new IBM i modernization project, you are typically faced with an existing 5250 application that has a significant amount of
functionality and a large number of screens.

There is often an incorrect assumption made that the entire application needs to be modernized before delivering anything to the users. Taking on such a large scope in one single attempt often leads to significant inefficiencies and sub-standard results…



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