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Rocket iCluster

Rocket iCluster is a high availability and disaster recovery solution for business applications operating on IBM Power or PureFlex systems running IBM i.

iCluster enables continual access through monitoring, notifying and self-correcting replication issues.

rocket iCLuster

iCluster is the ideal solution for small to medium businesses that need an easy-to-use, software or hardware based, high availability solution.

Offers the following functions and benefits:

  • Role swapping (fully or partially automated)
  • Synchronization checking file attributes
  • File contents
  • IFS attributes
  • Object Existence
  • Data area contents
  • Output queues
  • Automatic resynchronization of out-of-sync objects
  • Alarms and alerts including email notifications and user-defined thresholds
  • Very high speed replication capabilities that can scale to handle the size of your business and transactional volumes

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