Able-One infographicReason 1: Anywhere, anytime access

Not to be confused with expecting users to be working at 3 AM on a Sunday morning (unless that is part of their contract), providing real-time access away from a traditional desk environment enables many users a far more efficient and convenient way to access to IBM i applications and data.


Reason 2: Improved efficiency

Finding a manual task that can be automated with a mobile device can yield quick and tangible business results.” For example, do you have remote employees calling in by phone to HQ and having someone look something up on the IBM i? Or perhaps those users are making notes on paper whilst out and keying the data into the system when they are back in the office? These are some simple examples, but can provide quick and easy measurable gains in efficiency.


Reason 3: Greater customer satisfaction4 Reasons to Love Mobile on IBM i - download

Take a look at how employees that deal directly with your customers are interacting with them. Especially if those users are remote, you can often find that equipping them with real-time access to your data can help them tremendously. For example, looking up pricing information, product specs, and/or inventory information real-time whilst with the customer in person, rather than getting back to them at a later time can have tangible and positive results.

Reason 4: Better business results

For organizations that have field operations that deal directly with prospects, having mobile access can often make the difference between closing a sale immediately and deferring it until more information can be provided. This runs the risk of losing the sale to someone else. For example, Anthony Squires menswear reported an increase in 20% sales by providing mobile access for their staff from retail locations. By providing customers real-time answers to definitive inventory information, they are able to close a sale immediately rather than potentially lose them to a competitor in the same department store. Stafford have also reported a reduction in stock-loss, due to improved inventory control.

Amazing mobile applications for IBM i

Amazing Mobile Applications for IBM i - downloadMobile devices and apps have revolutionized the way we live and work. For many of us smartphones and tablets have become essential tools for our personal and work activities, providing unprecedented access to our family members, friends, colleagues and customers. In addition to communicating more easily, many of the applications that we have been using on laptop and desktop PCs are now available to us in a mobile form factor.

Providing IBM i application developers the ability to leverage these devices in the right way will deliver significant business benefits – the most prominent being ” anywhere, anytime’ access for your end users.

Traditional applications running on the IBM i are perfect vehicles for leveraging these handheld devices.

You have the applications and your users have the mobile devices. Taking advantage of this will make your applications accessible wherever and whenever your users need them.