Defined Storage

Software Defined Storage through Atlantis HyperScale – Business Benefits


Our clients face similar problems with their existing enterprises and are in search of similar benefits from an enterprise restructuring.


Atlantis HyperScale allows you to focus on your most important priorities. The most common priorities and concerns facing our clients can be summed up into the five following points we hear most often:


  • Performance that meets their application requirements
  • Acquisition and operation costs of infrastructure
  • Scalability that allows them to add storage capacity and performance cost-effectively
  • Simplicity of installation, operation and maintenance with fast time to value
  • Single point of support and expertise to ensure success


The problems with what enterprises are doing today can be broken down into performance, cost, freedom and scalability.




Client Concern: Database, analytics, VDI, and new line-of-business applications are driving the need for much higher levels of storage performance than traditional SAN/NAS can provide.


HyperScale Advantage: Atlantis HyperScale delivers the performance of an All-Flash array in every appliance, enabling IT organizations to meet the performance requirements of any workload.


– COST –


Client Concern: Buying, deploying, managing and scaling datacenter infrastructure is expensive and time consuming. Also, the cost of migrating growing amounts of data between storage arrays combined with exorbitant maintenance renewal costs are causing storage costs to increase dramatically.


HyperScale Advantage: Atlantis HyperScale hyperconverged appliances cut datacenter infrastructure costs by 50-80%.




Client Concern: Storage vendor’s lock-in clients by making it costly and time consuming to migrate data. Once locked in, vendors charge clients exorbitant maintenance fees that often cost nearly as much as buying the entire storage array a second time.


HyperScale Advantage: Atlantis HyperScale gives enterprises the freedom to use their preferred server and hypervisors, eliminating complexity and additional investments in training, time and tools.




Client Concern: Traditional shared storage is expensive to scale, particularly when more performance is required. Furthermore, clients often have to purchase large units of storage and plan capacity needs 12-18 months in advance because they require additional controllers upon reaching certain capacity levels.


HyperScale Advantage: Atlantis HyperScale delivers the performance of an All-Flash array in every appliance and 12, 24 or 48TB of capacity, enabling customers to scale-out performance and capacity to meet any application requirement.

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