Defined Storage

Software Defined Storage through Atlantis HyperScale – Overview


Are you making the most of your business’ storage capability?


Any business seeking to match the application needs of its enterprise in the most automatic, efficient and intelligent environment available must consider the exceptional strides they can make through software designed storage.


Why software defined storage?


By separating the storage hardware from the software that manages the storage infrastructure, software-defined storage enables enterprises to purchase heterogeneous storage hardware without having to worry as much about issues such as interoperability, under- or over-utilization of specific storage resources, and manual oversight of storage resources (webopedia).

How does Atlantis HyperScale help me get there?


Atlantis HyperScale hyper-converged appliances deliver all-flash performance at 50-80% lower cost than traditional storage or competitive hyper-converged appliances. Instead of integrating costly and complex SAN, NAS or all-flash array storage with servers, Atlantis HyperScale delivers an all-flash hyper-converged solution that is pre-integrated with the customer’s choice of enterprise-class server hardware. Within 20 minutes, organizations can deploy turnkey appliances that deliver up to double the processing power and four times the storage capacity of competitive hyper-converged appliances.

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