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Business Continuity

Business_ContinuityHaving a proper business continuity plan will help you expect the unexpected, reduce costly downtime, and ensure your ability to recover data and resume operations quickly when disaster strikes. A flexible and affordable business continuity plan, particularly one that addresses system redundancy and accessibility, will help you stay in business. Through Able-One’s Business Continuity   offerings, you can rest assured that should disaster strike, your business will maintain operations and experience minimal downtime.

Our Offerings

Every customer has unique requirements; a one size fits all approach is ineffective with regards to business continuity offerings. Whether you are looking for off-site, cloud-based backup capability, or a knowledgeable firm to test your current disaster recovery plan, Able-One’s offerings are tailored to your specific needs, including:

Cloud-based backups

Move away from tape-based backups and the hassle of taking these tapes off-site for protection. Point your existing backup software to our cloud storage and move to disk-based backups in our colocation facility.

Hosted disaster recovery (DRaaS)

Replicate your entire environment to our colocation facility in London, Ontario and know that your data is safe and secure. If the need should ever arise, run your entire IT infrastructure in our cloud with support for VMware, Linux, and IBM POWER (i and p) environments.

Assessments and consulting

Our customers often struggle finding the time and resources to conduct a proper business continuity assessment in order to identify their exposure. Our team of experienced consultants can help assess and build a new business continuity plan or simply test an existing one.

On-premise implementation and testing

We help many customers architect redundant IT infrastructure solutions for the purpose of disaster recovery in their own locations, in addition to ensuring that a sound nightly backup strategy is in place. A focus on regular testing is critical to the success of any plan, whether on or off premise.

Our Approach to Business Continuity

Our approach in developing a complete business continuity plan is based on many years of experience assisting our customers in this area.   Understanding the cost per hour of downtime will help set the appropriate recovery time objectives (RTO) and recovery point objectives (RPO) for the various applications that run your business. In a typical business continuity engagement, Able-One will:

  • Assess your risks through a business impact analysis
  • Develop a customized business continuity strategy
  • Prepare a list of detailed steps to take when disaster strikes to minimize the impact on your business
  • Develop reliable nightly backup procedures to safeguard your data
  • Enable the ability for a complete IT systems recovery, should disaster occur, including regular tests of your plan

Questions to consider:

  • Have you identified the risks to your organization and do you understand the impact?
  • How ready is your business to continue to meet stakeholder commitments after a disaster occurs?
  • Do you have the IT skills, technology and expertise to develop a plan to handle any risks potentially coming your way?