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Cloud Computing & Hosting

Cloud_ComputingCloud computing refers to the concept of running applications across a network (i.e. Internet) on a dynamic pool of IT resources. Typically, this involves servers and storage in a virtualized environment that are hosted in a colocation facility, but not always. Able-One has deployed many “private clouds” within a customer’s data centre, leveraging technologies from VMware and IBM. The promise of cloud, whether private, public or hybrid, is to deliver IT resources in much the same way as electricity is purchased: use only what you need and pay only for what you use.

We’ve partnered with Rogers Data Centres

Rogers_DataCentres-INST-RGBThe right colocation facility is critical when evaluating cloud infrastructure. We’re proud to be partneredwith a Canadian-based colocation partner in our own backyard. Rogers Data Centre’s London, Ontario data centre houses Able-One’s cloud infrastructure with all of the redundancy and security you’d expect from a first-class facility, including the following:

  • Unmarked facilities with single secure entrances for customers and staff
  • Two-stage biometric authentication process, such as iris-scanners and encrypted access cards
  • High-capacity backup diesel generators with fuel for a minimum of 24 hours of operation
  • 100% CCTV security cameras (low-light technology) monitor facility interiors and exteriors 24×7

Able-One’s Cloud Offerings

Whether you’re looking for infrastructure as a service, or an alternative disaster recovery location, Able-One’s offering are flexible enough to accommodate your specific needs:

Hosted Microsoft Exchange

Have all the benefits of a complete Microsoft Exchange environment with none of the support and upgrade headaches. SPAM and anti-virus support are included on a “per user per month” pricing model.

Cloud Storage

Through Anchorworks Cloud Sync for Managed Service Providers, Able-One is pleased to offer cloud-based storage that will automatically keep files synced between computers, file servers,   mobile devices and our cloud storage in a safe & secure fashion. Sleep well knowing that your data resides in our London, Ontario data centre.

Hosted Infrastructure

Many customers desire the flexibility of an on-demand computing environment; the ability to “spin up” virtual machines at will and then decommission when finished, in a “pay as you go” pricing model. This model is ideal for companies that have seasonal application requirements or short-term infrastructure needs. Able-One’s environment is built around industry-leading VMware software and IBM server and storage hardware to eliminate common points of failure and provide the scalability and security your applications require.

Hosted Backup & Disaster Recovery Site

Most companies have difficulty justifying a second instance of their compute environment for the purposes of disaster recovery. Able-One’s offering enables customers to replicate their IT infrastructure to our hosted environment in the cloud, and run live should the need arise. Or, use Able-One’s cloud storage to point your backup server to our facility for off-site disk-based backups. We also offer complete business continuity consulting services to help design and/or test a disaster recovery plan. By adding an Able-One Remote Managed Services contract, we can become your complete outsourced IT solution provider so that you can focus on growing your business – not managing IT.