Able-One Systems Inc.


Security Audits

Standardized risk assessments independently verify all aspects of  information risk. With a 25-year pedigree, Verify assessments identify serious risk & compliance gaps, leading causes of reputation damage, financial loss and business interruptions.  Verify  offers a clear picture of risk and a solid competitive edge.

When shared publicly, trustmarks like the Verify seal can increase sales by 42%.

Verify Policy

Evaluate your administrative safeguards.

  • determine that policies are adequate for risk mitigation
  • independently validate your documented procedures
  • check compatibility with your trusted 3rd parties’ policies

Verify Awareness

Test groups of employees to measure risk awareness.

  • determine your exposure to internal breaches
  • gauge vigilance using social engineering
  • encourage accountability & ongoing protection

Verify Performance

Determine your system uptime, availability and continuity risk. Can your sites and apps take the heat?

  • get a visual report of stress testing results
  • use our cloud-based agents to simulate distributed attacks
  • determine exactly how much capacity your site will require

Verify Privacy

Privacy is law. How is your personal information protection?

  • get a standardized privacy impact assessment (PIA) report
  • use a preliminary analysis (PPIA) to gauge privacy risk
  • test privacy protection with the Fair Information Practices

Verify Compliance

Demonstrate adherence to standards & legislation.

  • pre-audit your practices & operations
  • check your compliance against industry standards
  • earn the trustmark to prove you’re doing the work

Verify Security

Verify IT & physical security risk to information assets.

  • determine business vulnerabilities and information risk
  • ethical hacking of your systems to detect weaknesses
  • measure the effectiveness of your IT security controls

(*Verify™ is a trademark of Informatica)