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Energy Management Tools

Energy Opportunity

Managing a facility’s energy is becoming increasingly relevant to organizations in all sectors, as energy prices rise and companies are looking for more ways to improve their bottom line.   Able-One Systems has partnered with Energent to offer their state of the art software and industry expertise that already helps companies every day in:

  • Industrial and Manufacturing
  • Commercial & Government Buildings
  • Hospitals & Utilities
  • School Boards & Universities
  • Large Retail Chains
  • Resorts

Energent’s solution combines the model-based analytics of an Energy Management Information System with expert Energy Analyst Services. Energent is also the preferred choice of progressive utilities to complement their conservation and demand management programs. As the smart grid infrastructure evolves and becomes a reality, Energent has the all-asset optimization software to provide for efficient energy use behind the meter.

Energent Methodology

This proven approach has delivered results in every sector for every client:


The Energent Energy Suite:

  • Energent Energy Monitoring
    • Monitors your energy use in real time and displays this information on Energent’s cloud-based platform for easy access
  • Energent Energy Targeting
    • By developing mathematical models the system identifies where you are consuming the most energy. This allows you to identify where the greatest opportunities for savings are
  • Energent GHG
    • The system converts your energy use into reportable greenhouse gas emissions, in accordance with the generation mix of your jurisdiction. GHG equivalents can be displayed and reported.
  • Energent Peak Demand Management
    • Charges for demand management come in many different forms. Energent can work with you to identify ways to reduce additional demand charges – ultimately lowering monthly electricity costs
  • Energent Energy Analyst
    • The Energent Energy Analyst works with you to leverage the power and insight provided by the system, and identify high impact, low or no cost actions which lower your energy bills. The EA is an extension of your team, and a resource included with every Energent system.
  • Energent Optimize
    • Powerful model-based optimization software that enables you to drive minimum consumption, lowest possible cost, minimum carbon emissions, or a balance of all three, all while providing the utility with a peak demand constraint.

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