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InfrastructureHardware and software infrastructure is the very foundation of your IT environment. In any building construction, a structure is only as strong as the underlying foundation. That is why it’s absolutely critical to ensure that the architecture and design of your IT foundation is solid and capable of supporting your IT “structure.” Your business critical applications depend on this foundation.

Able-One Systems has over 25 years of experience architecting and implementing business-critical IT infrastructure. We’ve partnered with the industries’ best manufactures; companies like IBM, Dell, Lenovo and VMware, to deliver unprecedented reliability in the solutions we deploy. Our data center solutions cover all of the pertinent areas; server, storage, networking and virtualization.

Server Platforms

Whether you’re looking for a converged computing platform that incorporates compute, network and storage in one footprint, or simply another VMware host, our partnerships with industry leaders offers you the best flexibility and lowest cost of ownership in the server space. For building server infrastructure, we offer the following:

  • IBM Power servers
  • Lenovo  System x Servers (formerly IBM System x; x86)
  • Dell PowerEdge servers
  • Lenovo ThinkServers
  • HP ProLiant servers

Storage Platforms

Having enterprise storage that is scalable and easy to manage is critical in today’s virtualized environments, where unstructured data is growing faster than ever. Able-One is focused on bringing affordable, manageable storage solutions to our customers from manufacturers such as IBM and Dell:

  • IBM Storwise family of storage products including:
    • Storwize V3700
    • Storwize V5000
    • Storwize V7000
    • San Volume Controller
  • Dell Storage Solutions including:
    • Dell Compellent
    • Dell EqualLogic
    • Dell PowerVault

Network Infrastructure

Network infrastructure is more critical than ever due to the evolution of cloud computing, internet commerce and social media reliance. Networks must be up 24/7/365 without exception. Mobile and wireless applications continue to put more strain on corporate networks that simply were not designed for the volume of traffic they are seeing. Able-One has made significant investments in skills around network architecture and support, particularly around Cisco products. We’ve also partnered with Alcatel-Lucent to augment our strong networking portfolio, in addition to our offerings around IBM Networking and Brocade.

Virtualized Environments

Most companies’ infrastructure consists of a virtual component, in order to drive cost savings and much greater efficiencies. Able-One is pleased to offer deep technical skills around VMware’s solution offerings, including server and desktop virtualization, Horizon Workspace, vSAN and software defined data center. With multiple VMware Certified Professionals on staff, Able-One is always ready to tackle your next VMware project or offer skills transfer in key areas.