Power i (AS/400) Security

Achieving your security and compliance goals for your IBM Power i environment, as well as your organization as a whole, is a journey, not a destination.

Threats evolve over time, and security and compliance requirements as well as the sensitivity to risk in organizations, are always changing.

When it comes to security, many IBM Power i (AS/400) customers are challenged with:

  • Lack of auditor focus on, and knowledge of, the IBM Power i environment when it comes to IT security, compliance audits and testing.
  • Lack of employee knowledge and training around the specifics of IBM i security.
  • Increased use of network-based access (ODBC, FTP, Telnet, and so on) to and from the IBM Power i environment, and the ability to circumvent application and menu-based security controls.
  • Lack of automated tools for managing and monitoring the unique security aspects of the IBM Power i environment.
  • Concern about data risk on the IBM i, which typically runs business-critical applications and data.

How do you address these concerns?


Able-One Systems, in collaboration with industry security experts Informatica Corporation and Enforcive Inc., offers Verify for i, a complete end to end security and compliance service focused on the IBM i platform.

Verify for i allows customers to better assess and address potential security and compliance risk exposures in their IBM i environment, on an ongoing and repeatable basis.

Demystifying Security for the System i Enterprise

Enforcive/Enterprise Security is the single most comprehensive and easy to use security and compliance solution for IBM’s System i ®. With nineteen fully integrated GUI-controlled security, reporting and compliance modules, this software suite enables system administrators and auditors to easily manage security and compliance tasks efficiently and effectively.

Graphical User Interface: Empowering Security

The Enterprise Security GUI allows users to evaluate and act on security events in real-time. IT security officers can monitor high-level policies enterprise-wide and drill down to the user or object level in a matter of seconds.

Locking Down System i

Enforcive/Enterprise Security gives you peace of mind regarding System i ® lock down. Easily protect your exit points, manage user profiles and implement group policies for all of your enterprise systems.

Why do clients choose Enforcive?

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