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laptop-5444931_1920 Blog

Employee Engagement and the Future of Work: Digital Foundations for Our Most Important Resource

This guest blog by IDC discusses changes in the how businesses need to approach their workforce in response to the “New Normal.”

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Preparing for the ‘Next Normal’: The Rising Importance of Digital Technology and Consumption-Based IT

This guest blog by IDC highlights their outlook for the post-pandemic future including trends in technology and the “as-a-service” model.

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pexels-pixabay-315938 Webinar

How Disaster Recovery is future-proofing businesses

This webinar covers all things DR – starting with a 101 and advancing to DR as a tool for data protection, cybersecurity, DevOps agility, and more.

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pexels-skitterphoto-633850 Webinar

Preparing for ‘Reliability’ in an IoT enabled Asset Management World

Presented by professor, author and consultant Don Barry, this webinar discusses the use of technology and IT best practices to optimize Enterprise Asset Management (EAM).

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pexels-anna-shvets-4226140 Webinar

Powering your team’s productivity and collaboration with Microsoft

Presented by Microsoft, this 1.5 hour deep-dive demo reviews all of the functionalities of Office Teams and best practices for team collaboration.

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city-4991094_1920 Blog

The threats to your Office 365 data

Understand what you are responsible for protecting when it comes to your Office 365 data and look at the top 3 threats.

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Think Office 365 doesn’t need backup? Think again

A beginner-friendly understanding of the gaps in Office 365 backup and why additional backup is essential.

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The New Normal: What matters most to IT leaders right now

What’s covered Survey results from 2,000 IT leaders reveal the results of the unplanned shift …

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time-lapse-photography-of-people-walking-on-pedestrian-lane-842339 White paper

Securing the Public Cloud: Seven Best Practices

What’s covered Top three cloud security challenges  Seven steps for securing the public cloud A …

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