Cloud & Managed Services


Work with a provider that ensures your system is running effectively, is responsible for ensuring continued IT services, and fixes breakdowns.

Managed Services That Empower Your Business


Managed UCaaS (Unified Communications as a Service)

A strategic partner of Able-One, the YoVu Enterprise voice offering provides enhanced business class features including: extension to extension dialing regardless of location, voicemail to email with transcription, find-me-follow-me, mobile application and built in Disaster Recovery so your phone system never goes down. From a price perspective we are seeing savings of up to 25% from clients’ existing phone solutions.  Pricing is done on a flat, simple per user per month basis which includes unlimited North American long distance, greatly reducing finance administration and reconciliation issues.

Managed Backup and DRaaS (Disaster Recovery as a Service)

Today your company’s data is priceless and if not well protected leaves your organization at great risk.  We offer a fully Managed Hosted Backup service with Disaster Recovery as a Service to restore your business in the event of critical site failures or cyber attacks.  Not only do we provide the Managed Backup Data services, we can implement Cognitive Data Analytics to reduce your storage and backup costs by as much as 50% while improving document management and compliance.

Remote Manage Services (RMS)

Doing more with less is a continued requirement in organizations.  We can assist IT departments by taking on the monitoring, management and support of various network devices such as servers (including Windows, Linux, and IBM Power operating systems), routers, switches, firewalls, desktops, laptops, printers, and wireless access points. This frees IT up to focus on the core business applications driving growth.

IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service)

Many clients are looking to alternative delivery models for their IT infrastructure requirements. Moving to flexible, scalable, secure and resilient cloud based infrastructure on an operating expense model is a journey that we are helping many companies move along through our multiple tier 3 data centres.

Managed Public Cloud

More and more clients have use cases that make sense to utilize public cloud infrastructure such as AWS and Azure for certain workloads.  While these offer great value and scalability, it is often a challenge to have the skilled staff to manage these environments so that costs do not run out of control.  We  not only provide the Public Cloud services, we can provide full management and support as well.

Managed Services can save you money, time and for sure frustration. Want to find out how much?

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