Cloud & Managed Services

What is Remote Managed Services?

Predictable IT Support Costs

IT support be can time consuming, costly and inefficient to handle internally. In growing companies, internal teams often have gaps in skills and experience. This requires additional external support in a reactive manner which is extremely costly and unreliable. Managed Services Providers are a reliable and effective solution that solves these challenges. Housing and maintaining your own servers can also be inefficient and costly due to the amount of physical space required to house. By moving your computing to a Cloud Computing service provider you can reduce the physical space you are paying for, keep a leaner and more efficient IT team, and reduce the need to constantly keep upgrading your computers. Using an MSP like Able-One Systems along with Cloud Computing services you’ll be able to manage your IT support costs and eliminate the unexpected by offering fixed monthly services.

Reduced HR Burden

Recruiting, retaining and managing IT personnel with the appropriate skills profile, and at a reasonable price, is incredibly challenging. As your company grows and becomes more complex, so do the skills you require to effectively support your environment and leverage technology. Outsourcing to a Managed Service Provider such as Able-One Systems can alleviate these HR challenges and give you peace of mind. Moreover, by adding Cloud Services you remove the burden of running, maintaining, and ensuring the ongoing operational success of your computing from your business. This lets you focus on the key issues affecting your organization and make better use of your time to put your strategic decisions to action.

Are Your Skills Up-to-Date?

It’s critical to ensure that the people managing your IT environment are qualified, trained, experienced, and certified. Working with experts with whom IT Support is their core business allows you to focus on your own core business. Using Cloud Computing also removes the burden of having your IT team stay up to speed on hardware updates, and security issues. Through Cloud Services you can be certain that all of your data is managed by experts whose core objective is to ensure the integrity of your servers.

Improved Efficiency

Managed Services Providers are able to leverage economies of scale to deploy innovative tools and unleash the power of automation resulting in more efficient and effective IT support. This leads to maximized productivity and minimize downtime. Cloud Services also gives you freedom to work at any time and from any place. Anytime, anywhere collaboration allows you not only to collaborate with your colleagues but also with people from outside your organization, wherever they may be.

Consultative Expertise

Companies are more decisive and agile when working with a Managed Service Provider. By leveraging a provider’s expertise and knowledge from years of experience, companies can remove the ambiguity and follow a well-defined technology roadmap.

Focus on Core Business

Organizations often become distracted from their core business by focusing on operational challenges such as IT support. Working with a Managed Service Provider allows you to focus on strategy and growth rather than the plumbing. A Cloud Service can also dynamically scale to meet the needs of its users, and because the service provider supplies the hardware and software necessary for the service, there’s no need for a company to provision or deploy its own resources or allocate IT staff to manage the service.

Reduce Risk

Imagine there’s a flood and all your servers are destroyed. Do you have a backup plan to recover all of the lost data? How long would it take to recover? Switching to Cloud Based computing eliminates this risk. Through the Cloud all of your organization’s information and applications are available to you in a safe and secure space. You can have the confidence that all of your company’s data will always be available to you whenever you need it. IT decisions are also becoming increasingly complex and risky – this includes technologies, markets, regulations, compliance, and security. Managed Service Providers like Able-One Systems offer industry specific knowledge, and bolster organizational decision making.

Level the Playing Field 

Outsourcing IT support gives smaller organizations the benefits normally accessible by enterprise IT departments. Through Managed Service Providers smaller companies can gain enhanced access to technologies, tools and services.

A Green Choice 

Our world is becoming much more conscience of the environment. Cloud Computing solutions are generally greener than traditional IT because they require less in-office IT equipment. While huge data-centres require a lot of electricity, it’s still a lot less than the thousands of office-grade computers it would take to perform the same big tasks. Large Cloud Computing providers can also optimize their data-centres for energy efficiency much more precisely than manufacturers of desktops and laptops can.

Managed IT Services – is piece of mind for the risks of IT infrastructure.

Managed IT Services

Through Managed IT services you are able to work with a provider that ensures your system is running effectively, is responsible for ensuring continued IT services, and fixes breakdowns for you. Consider managed IT service providers as your human firewall for WHEN (not if) your system crashes or your entire network fails. Furthermore, Managed IT services are often better than in-house services because companies generally tend to hire employees with more general skills versus specialized hires due to the heavy volume of duties that fall under their corporate responsibilities. Outside providers bring in experts with different domains of knowledge to handle all of the various facets of IT infrastructure.

cloud computing-01

Cloud Services

Switching to Cloud Services ensures that your data servers are managed by experts whose number one priority is to ensure the well-being and integrity of your data. This also gives you the freedom to access your organization’s data at anytime from anywhere in the globe. Cloud computing protects your crucial company data in case of an unexpected emergency. No longer will you need to stress about floods, fires, or any uncontrollable scenario. Your data will be safe and always accessible to you when you need it.

3 Reasons You should Switch to Cloud Now:

1. Scale Up Operations

If you have a fast-growing business you are well aware of the many challenges that come with such a fast expansion. Trying to build an on-premise infrastructure can be very time consuming, labor intensive, and expensive. Cloud services can help shoulder the load for businesses, providing everything from additional storage to compute resources in order to facilitate growth.

2. Overhead and Operational Costs

One of the greatest advantages of switching to Cloud Computing is that businesses only pay for what they need. This allows you to cut down on expensive hardware maintenance costs, and paying for the buildings to house this hard IT infrastructure. Cloud solutions offer a welcome alternative to that situation, allowing businesses to pay for whatever resources they require – storage, compute, etc. – on an as-needed basis. This flexibility enables organizations to scale up or down their operational capabilities to meet increasing or diminishing demand without getting locked into binding contracts and paying for services they won’t need a month or a year from now.

3. Overburdened IT Staff

IT staff in general lack the ability to cover all of the needs involved in properly maintaining your business IT structure. They become overburdened trying to be good at everything and a master of nothing. By working with a managed service provider, organizations can take some of the burden off of their IT staff, freeing them up to pursue critical tasks. It’s a cost-efficient way to get the IT skills you need without paying market price to expand your in-house roster.

Why choose Cloud and IT Managed Services with Able-One Systems? Switching to an off-site, cloud solution, coupled with IT Managed Services to help you optimize the management of your IT systems you will be able to take advantage of the following:

  • Have Predictable IT Costs
  • Reduce HR Burden
  • Have a specialized IT team with up-to-date skills
  • Improved Efficiency
  • Consultative Expertise
  • Focus on Core Business
  • Reduce Risk

Able-One Systems has a range of solutions if you are looking to:

  • Host your infrastructure (CO/LO)
  • Use our infrastructure to host your applications
  • Have a location for backup / Disaster Recovery.


A co-location centre is crucial if your company does not have reliable, secure, and fully redundant data centre. Many businesses are choosing to work with co-location facility because:

  • It is more affordable than developing and maintaining their own in-house data centres.
  • Co-location centres implement enhanced security and redundancy measures that would be cost prohibitive and impractical for most organizations.


When a disaster strikes having a proper business continuity plan will help you:

  • Expect the unexpected
  • Reduce costly downtime
  • Ensure your ability to recover data
  • Resume operations quickly

Able-One Systems has partnered with Rogers Data Centres

The right co-location facility is critical when evaluating cloud infrastructure. We’re proud to be partnered with a Canadian-based co-location partner in our own backyard. Rogers Data Centre’s London, Ontario data centre houses Able-One Systems cloud infrastructure with all of the redundancy and security you’d expect from a first-class facility, including the following:

  • Unmarked facilities with single secure entrances for customers and staff
  • Two-stage biometric authentication process, such as iris-scanners and encrypted access cards
  • High-capacity backup diesel generators with fuel for a minimum of 24 hours of operation
  • 100% CCTV security cameras (low-light technology) monitor facility interiors and exteriors 24×7

Start with a Free I.T. assessment

Able-One Systems is offering clients a free I.T. assessment that will allow you to get a clear picture of the true costs and how your current I.T. headaches can be managed.

Do you want:

  • Increased efficiency
  • Improved reliability
  • Reduced labour costs for IT support
  • Risk mitigation
  • Vendor Compliance
  • A constantly up-to-date dedicated IT team
  • Freedom to access your data anytime, anywhere

Take advantage of the Free I.T. assessment today!