Power i (AS/400) Digital Transformation

“By 2018, 67% of the CEOs of global 2000 Enterprises will have digital transformation at the center of their corporate strategy”


In the era of cloud and cognitive computing, you must accelerate your adoption of innovative business models to remain competitive. How will you create customer loyalty that exceeds that of your current and emerging competitors? Organizations across all industries are becoming increasingly aware that to increase revenue, decrease time to market, and sometimes just stay in business, they must innovate.




Integration with partners and customers



Drivers for

API adoption include:

  • Emphasis on the customer experience
  • Desire for frictionless access to ecosystems
  • Need for Faster Speed to market

Have you developed your digital strategy plan?


Find out how you can lower costs, decrease your time to market, and lower developmental headaches with all of your modernization projects.



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The API Economy sounds awesome, but won’t it require a significant development effort? Is this even possible for the Power i (AS/400)?

Able-One Systems has exclusively partnered with Tekmonks to bring the amazing power of API/400 to the market. API/400 is the key to unlocking the existing capabilities, technology and data within your AS/400 systems, enabling you to not just adapt to, but leverage and exploit the new “mobile first” operating landscape that today’s businesses find themselves in.

How it works?

API/400 provides a single common gateway for REST-based API calls to reach business assets and data on the AS/400 operating systems. TekMonks’ API/400 product allows you to create API based services efficiently and effectively. The capability is provided to directly expose DB/400 data as APIs and to convert existing RPG code to API calls. Leveraging API/400 applications allows you to incorporate AS/400 data and transactions into your applications without needing to understand the AS/400 subsystems or rewrite the existing code.

With API/400, your digital transformation project will have

  • Reduced time to market
  • Lowered cost of acquisition
  • Significant reductions in risk


The first step in digital transformation is all about corporate strategy:

  • What are your company’s plans regarding mobility?
  • How could you improve customer service?
  • Are you leveraging or exploring e-commerce?
  • How can you better enable your sales force?
  • Are your systems integrated with your supply chain

If you have already developed your digital strategy and were considering migrating from your IBM Power i (AS/400) to support your plans, allow us to save you the time, money and resources! By utilizing API/400 we have enabled clients to lower project costs, reduce time to market, and not to mention saving you from throwing out the lowest TCO platform.

Since Able-One Systems understands how critical the business risk can be to you, we are offering a free one hour whiteboarding session where a Digital Transformation expert will discuss your current plans, provide insight into the possibilities, and ensure your modernization plans align with your underlying systems.

If you are currently performing development work on your IBM i (AS/400) did you know that:

“Many developers still spend over 50% of their time understanding their applications before they are able to enhance them!”