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Power i (AS/400) Cloud & Managed Services

As an IBM i (AS/400) user are you experiencing any of the below problems?

  • Proposals to move to Power8 from Power7 are not compelling enough?
  • Experienced a major downtime event. A significant outage to your IBM i (AS/400) occurs, and you realize you need 24/7 monitoring of your environment but don’t have the staff or capabilities to do so?
  • Experiencing slow, unresponsive support, or high costs from your current IBM i (AS/400) service provider?
  • Merger, Acquisition or Consolidation: Have you inherited an unfamiliar IBM i (AS/400) or have you lost the resources to manage it?
  • Your IBM i administrator recently left your organization or is retiring soon. Are you worried you don’t or soon may not have the staff to manage your IBM i?
  • Need to Reduce Expenses: You can no longer invest capital or operating resources into your IBM i environment. For each of these, our IBM i Managed/Cloud Services are an attractive and affordable option that can be quickly implemented, often within days.


Able-One Systems has a range of solutions if you are looking to:

  • Host your entire IBM i (AS/400) (CO/LO)
  • Use our infrastructure to host your applications
  • Have a location for backup / Disaster Recovery.


A co-location centre is crucial if your company does not have reliable, secure, and fully redundant data centre. Many businesses are choosing to work with co-location facility because:

  • It is more affordable than developing and maintaining their own in-house data centers.
  • Co-location centres implement enhanced security and redundancy measures that would be cost prohibitive and impractical for most organizations.


When a disaster strikes having a proper business continuity plan will help you:

  • Expect the unexpected
  • Reduce costly downtime
  • Ensure your ability to recover data
  • Resume operations quickly
  • Stay in business

Through Able-One Systems business continuity offerings, you can rest assured that should disaster strike, your business will maintain operations and experience minimal downtime.

Able-One Systems has partnered with Rogers Data Centres

The right co-location facility is critical when evaluating cloud infrastructure. We’re proud to be partnered with a Canadian-based co-location partner in our own backyard. Rogers Data Centre’s London, Ontario data centre houses Able-One Systems cloud infrastructure with all of the redundancy and security you’d expect from a first-class facility, including the following:

  • Unmarked facilities with single secure entrances for customers and staff
  • Two-stage biometric authentication process, such as iris-scanners and encrypted access cards
  • High-capacity backup diesel generators with fuel for a minimum of 24 hours of operation
  • 100% CCTV security cameras (low-light technology) monitor facility interiors and exteriors 24×7


  • Have you identified your organization’s technology risks and do you understand their impact?
  • How ready is your business to continue to meet stakeholder commitments when a disaster occurs?
  • Do you have the I.T. skills, technology and expertise to develop a plan to handle all risks potentially coming your way?
  • Do you know your Recovery Time Objectives (RTO)?
  • Do you know your Recovery Point objectives (RPO)?

If you were unable to answer any of the above questions, Able-One Systems understands and regularly assists clients in understanding their business risks when it comes to technology.

Clients have trusted Able-One Systems for decades and many consider us an extended part of their team. Book a free Cloud Strategy Review today to ensure your business is protected for the future!


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