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Power i (AS/400) Security

The IBM i (AS/400) platform is known as a secure and stable platform, if properly configured and monitored. The challenge for most companies is to understand where the risks are in their environment, and how to address them, with limited resources and the skills necessary to do this.

Able-One Systems’ IBM i Security services and products are designed to help our customers stay one step ahead, and proactively protect one of their most critical corporate resources.

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Most organizations running IBM i also run other platforms like Windows, Linux, AIX, etc. Monitoring security related activity involves consolidating activity from all of these platforms, including IBM i, into one environment for reporting, alerting and verifying compliance with security policies.

The following podcast describes some of the challenges, and some possible solutions to address these.

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IBM i Risk Assessment

The IBM i Risk Assessment service provides a point in time analysis of the key security parameters and settings in your IBM i environment versus IBM i Best Security Practices, and delivers a comprehensive report on findings and recommendations.

This assessment reviews your environment compared to IBM i Best Security Practices and points out areas of discrepancies that you should be aware of. We run a tool to collect over 500 pieces of operational, administrative and statistical information relative to security including user and group profiles, network configuration, operational configuration, exit points, system settings, user inheritance and more. With this information, our experienced IBM i consultants will interpret these results and make recommendations where appropriate. Your final deliverable is a comprehensive report on findings, and prioritized recommendations based on perceived level of urgency.

“Cadillac Fairview is a long-time iSeries customer. As part of corporate (COBIT) IT controls, we are accountable to bi-annual security assessments for our iSeries. In 2016, we learned that IBM had discontinued the service, but we still needed the IBM security assessment to be completed. Without this assessment, we would not pass an audit. It was Able-One who stepped up and solved a big problem for us. After providing them with framework that IBM used to create previous reports, Able-One came through and provided a comprehensive report that passed our audit. Thank you Able-One Systems !”

– Brad Arsenault,
Director of IT Operations and Client Services, Cadillac Fairview

Verify for i 

Verify for i extends the IBM i Risk Assessment to assess the business, operational and compliance exposures that companies may have with their IBM i technology and application environment.  A more holistic approach which can include a penetration test of the IBM i system.  This assessment is a collaboration with Informatica Corporation, who has over 25 years’ experience with enterprise wide security and compliance assessments in the Canadian marketplace.

Enforcive Enterprise Security for IBM i 

Enforcive Enterprise Security for IBM i is a comprehensive, integrated solution designed to help customers configure and manage their security environment in their IBM i easily and quickly through a powerful Windows-based management interface.  Auditing, reporting and alerting on critical security related activity has never been easier.  Enforcive ES includes a complete solution for exit point security, as well as modules to help audit the IBM i System Journal (QAUDJRN), file/field auditing, user profile management, and many other features.  Optional modules are available for Policy Compliance checking, Firewall (port level) auditing, and field level encryption/masking.

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